Speech Therapy Department

Speech Therapy a speciality which was non-existent in the country, but essential for the educational rehabilitation of hearing impaired children and treatment of many conditions of voice and speech disorders.

SAHIC started the speech therapy department after training the Teachers of the Rosi Flower Integrated Pre-School for Hearing Impaired Children with the help of Speech Therapists from Germany and Great Britain . Presently the department is run by three trained Speech Therapists with the scope for further expansion. The training was also extended to the interested candidates from other non-governmental organizations all over the country. An workshop was conducted in October 2003 for the training of speech therapists with the financial support of World Health Organization (WHO), which was participated by 34 candidates. From the inception till December 2020 a total of 3,719 patients were given speech therapy successfully.

In 2008 two Speech Therapists were given 3(three) months training at All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore, India to strengthen the skill and knowledge. The cost of the training was borne out of Society’s fund. Under a special arrangement Bradford Royal Infirmary U.K. and DIG DEEP FOR BANGLADESH in U.K. offered training facilities to the Doctors of Bangladesh (both from our Centre as well as from the Government hospitals) and Speech Therapists/ audiologist of our Centre and the training program is continuing since 2004. In 2011 one Speech Therapist were given 15 (fifteen) days training in U.K.

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