For the educational rehabilitation of the hearing impaired children, with moderate to severe hearing loss, between the age of 3-6 years, a Pre-school was established in the year 1994 in the premises of the Centre with the capacity of 160 students to undergo oral-auditory method of special education (in two shifts) to develop language and speech and to make them fit to join the primary schools for normal hearing children for further education.

Till 2020 a total of 5,376 hearing impaired children were enrolled and 835 graduated with adequate language and speech to join various primary schools of the country. Many of these children are showing excellent performance in competition with the normal hearing children. The school charges nominal fee to those who can afford, which is determined on the basis of the declared income of the family. 50% of the children are enjoying free studentship because of poor economic condition of parents, and majority of the remaining students pays about Tk.1,200/- to Tk.6,000/- per annum as school fee. The average cost of running the school is about Tk. 24,000/- per student per annum. The teacher student ratio is 16 trained teachers for 80 hearing impaired children in a shift.


Rosi Flower Integrated Pre-School for Hearing Impaired Children

Sl Description January to December 2021 January 1994 to December 2021
1 Number of students 217 5,583
Hearing impaired children 176 4,727
Normal hearing children 10 375
2 Individual therapy (once a week) 40 875
3 Number of parents for parents guidance whose children are below the age of 3 years 3 350
4 Number of hearing impaired children successfully completed their education at IPSHIC and released to get admission into primary school for normal hearing children 25 923

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