Aims & Objectives of SAHIC

Society for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children(SAHIC) started some 15 years ago with a modest center namely “National Center for Hearing and Speech for Children (NCHSC) for early detection of hearing impairment children by the dedicated efforts of Prof. M.Nurul Amin, a Professor of ENT, who worked in the apex medical colleges of Bangladesh for a long period.


Aims and Objectives of SAHIC


♦ Prevention and early detection of hearing impairment.

♦ Treatment (medical/surgical) of ear, nose and throat diseases that may cause hearing impairment.

♦ Help the hearing impaired to regain hearing or restore hearing with the help of hearing aids and/or surgical operations.

♦ To create awareness amongst the population about hearing impairment and prevention of preventable diseases that may cause hearing impairment.

♦ To develop manpower for the care of hearing impaired by scientific method.

♦ To train doctors/ ENT specialists in the various filed of the specialty.

♦ To train audiometrecian / audiologists, ear mould technicians, hearing aid technicians and teachers for the special education of hearing impaired children.

♦ To train speech therapists for the hearing impaired children as well as for the treatment of various speech and voice disorders.

♦ To make survey to determine the extent of hearing impairment amongst the population and to find out possible causes of hearing impairment, so that effective national programs can be under taken.

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