Chittagong Sub-Centre

As an expansion of activity of the Centre, a Sub-Centre was established at Chittagong , a port city of the country, about 300 Kilometers away from Dhaka . The Sub-Centre started functioning since 1996 to serve the population of the city and around. It is provided with Out door facilities, Hearing Test laboratory, Ear mould laboratory and Hearing aid fitting laboratory, and a Pre-school for 60 hearing impaired children to impart special education to the hearing impaired children between the age of 3-6 years. The Sub-Centre is functioning since 1999 in its own building constructed on a plot of land donated by the Railway Division, Ministry of Communication in the year 1994 at the initiative of the then Communication Minister. Till December 2020 a total of 14,5,306 patients were treated and advised, and a total of 39,007 audiological tests were performed, 619 ear moulds were prepared and fitted and 472 hearing aids were checked and repaired.

At present 59 hearing impaired children are studying in the Pre-School of the Sub-Centre and till December 2020 a total of 966 hearing impaired children successfully graduated after learning adequate speech and language. From 2001 a Speech Therapy Department is functioning at the Sub-Centre and till December 2018 a total of 3,182 patients were given speech therapy for various speech disorders.

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